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What is it? A 2-hour session of activities designed to help new matches that have been together for less than 6-months foster a connection, explore their strengths, and define the purpose for their 1st year together!

How does it work? The sessions will be hosted and facilitated virtually by a BBBS Program Coordinator.  Matches will be able to join from the comfort of their own homes over their computers OR reserve a spot in our conference room. Keep in mind, matches that have been together for less than 3 months or have not completed a Volunteer Home Assessment, are not allowed to meet at the Big’s home so if that’s your match, you and your Little will either have to meet virtually, each on your own computer from your own home, OR reserve a spot in the conference room where you can join the virtual call together. *BBBS conference room can fit a maximum capacity of 3 matches or 6 individuals and still maintain social distancing. Masks are required inside the BBBS office at all times.

All activity materials and instructions will be provided either ahead of time by BBBS staff via email or at the time of the meeting. All you want to make sure you have is a plan for how you and your Little will join and a writing utensil for each of you! Snacks or a beverage are a welcomed. This is meant to be a fun and comfortable meeting experience!

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