Bill & Anthony

“When I worked in Sheboygan I was very involved in Big Brothers Big Sisters and saw how this mentoring system really improved the lives of kids. Two years ago a businessman in Waupaca approached me and said he wanted to start a program to improve the lot of kids and get them out of less than perfect cycle they were growing up in. About that time a mentoring committee was formed which I was part of and out of it the BBBS program came to Waupaca. We started recruiting bigs and I am happy to say I was the first one to sign up for the new program.

“The interaction with my little is fantastic. He is such a great guy. Things we are doing bring me back to my childhood and positive memories I have of growing up. I want my little to someday look back at his childhood and see how our relationship improved his life and interaction with others so he too can have positive memories to look back on.

“There are a lot of kids out there who need positive interactions and relationships in their lives losartan dosage. They may be growing up with situations that they have no control over. As the businessman said to me two years ago, we have to break the cycle they may be growing up in and show them there are other options and we as bigs, are the ones who can become their friend, their mentor, their teacher, their confidant or anything else they may need from us. Being a Big Brother allows both the Big and Little to grow.

“BBBS is a very positive program with safety being its main concern. The background checks of possible Bigs are very extensive. The interviews are long and detailed. The interviews of Littles and their parents or guardians are just as extensive. A great deal of time is invested by staff to make sure the matches they make will provide the best benefit for the Littles. It doesn’t stop there. After the match is made, there is always follow up and monitoring of the match on a regular basis by staff through contact with the Big, the parent or guardian and the Little. The staff wants to make sure the matches they make are having and will continue to have a very safe and positive influence on the lives of both the Bigs and the Littles.”

Big Brother Bill