Match of the Month

May Match of the Month

Meet our Match of the Month, Little Brother Ethan and Big Brother Sam! Ethan and Sam have been matched since November of 2018.

The match originally started off in the Workplace Mentoring Program at Kimberly-Clark . Ethan’s mother enrolled him into this program because she felt that Ethan could benefit from having an additional role model to spend time with outside of the home and to expose him to new things.

During their time at Workplace Mentoring, they enjoyed throwing the ball around outside, playing board games, doing science experiments, crafts and sorting through baseball and basketball cards. Over time, their friendship grew and they decided that they wanted to do things over the summer, so they decided to transition to the Community-Based Program.

Transitioning to Community-Based has been a very positive experience for both Ethan and Sam. Together they have been able to go to Packer games, Timber Rattler games, the YMCA and much more. Due to COVID-19, Ethan and Sam have decided that it is best to keep their distance from one another, however, they have continued their friendship and have gotten creative on how they connect! Ethan and Sam have been communicating weekly either through phone calls or video chat and have created their own NBA “draft” where they each select a card and talk about the players.