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“My own kids were very involved in sports and other school activities that kept me busy and are both off to college now. But I felt I still had much to offer to a child and after hearing the stories and reading about how many kids needed a big brother I decided to join this website.

“My hope was to find a match that would have similar interests as my son and daughter thinking that would help in relating to my match. I found the opposite was true and it allows my match ‘Owen’ to teach me what he is interested in and we have fun doing lots of different activities.

“I think people should step up and volunteer their time because there are so many kids in need of companionship and a father figure in their lives. I heard some people say, what would we do every week when we get together? I found that some of our best dialogue happens just playing a board game or simply taking a walk in the park. Yes we do enough planned activities like laser tag, bowling and BBBS activities but I found Owen is happy just talking about anything on his mind.”

Big Brother Mark

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