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“There are many things about Big Brothers Big Sisters that drew my attention. When I finished going to to school and returned to the Fox Valley I was noticing that I had more free time than I had ever had before in my life. I began to think about things that I would like to become involved in around the community and after a few Google searches I came across Big Brothers Big Sisters. I began reading about the program, the work that they do and the need for Big’s that they have. It was not until i picked up the phone and called that I realized how many unmatched children the organization had right in my own community. I do not remember the exact number but if i recall correctly I believe there were over a 100 unmatched boys alone. Growing up I was the oldest in my family, I never had a big brother to look up to and I know that I would of loved to have that experience. So I began to think about how I could become part of that experience for a child, how I could become a role model, a friend, a confidant and much much more. “Being a Big Brother has brought so much to my life that at times I think the program ought to be called Little Brothers Little Sisters. I get to spend time with my little every week, building a friendship, making memories and seeing the impact that I have on him and that he has on me. To narrow down what I love most about being a Big Brother is difficult, I get to do things that I loved to do growing up but have become to ‘Old’ to do alone. Imagine taking your shoes off to play dodgeball on trampolines, playing a game of ‘Monkey in the Middle’, going to an arcade and so much more, all while getting to see a child laughing and smiling ear to ear! “There will never be a time in your life that you will look back on the memories that you have made and not have a smile on your face. My little and I have only been matched for 6 months, but i know that i have gained a life long friend who cares for me for who I am and not what I have to offer. “I do not know how to explain the joy that Mehki (My little) has brought to my life and while i can do my best to try and explain it to others it is truly something that one must experience on their own way. I can however promise you that they will bring more joy, happiness and smiles into your life than you could ever imagine.” Big Brother Mitchell POST NAVIGATION Bill & Anthony Mark & Damari

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