75 Activities to Do With Your Little / Big

Here is a list of 75 cool activities you can do with your Big or Little. They were put together by Paula and Chelsea from MENTORrific Women! Taking a Girl Under Your Wing.

  1. Play cards together
  2. Play games together
  3. Play catch / Frisbee
  4. Plan & cook a meal together
  5. Do errands together
  6. Fly a kite together
  7. Watch and discuss a movie
  8. Hang out and talk
  9. Listen to and discuss an audio book
  10. Do research on the internet together
  11. Plan and plant a garden together
  12. Go bike riding or inline skating together
  13. Take a walk together
  14. Walk your dog together
  15. Eat at a restaurant
  16. Play sports together
  17. Learn how to do laundry
  18. Attend a sports event
  19. Attend a concert
  20. Learn a musical instrument together
  21. Learn to iron clothes together
  22. Write a story together
  23. Go on a picnic together
  24. Get a library card and check out some books
  25. Take photographs together
  26. Use a computer software program together
  27. Talk about your first job
  28. Learn to read a map and use one traveling
  29. Give your Little a tour of your workplace
  30. Introduce your Little to your family and family gatherings
  31. Sell or buy something on eBay together
  32. Gather up items to donate and deliver to the Salvation Army
  33. Buy a small amount of stock together and watch the reports
  34. Do woodworking together
  35. Go window shopping together
  36. Plan a trip to a home remodeling store
  37. Make a list and go grocery shopping together
  38. Wash the car together
  39. Play miniature golf together
  40. Spend time watching and talking about a TV show
  41. Rent a DVD and make popcorn together
  42. Take turns listening to favorite music
  43. Sing along with car radio songs
  44. Read a book out loud together
  45. Go the the zoo and count the different animals
  46. Go the the different museums in your town
  47. Make cookies, popsicles or cupcakes
  48. Just listen and listen and listen
  49. Get a manicure or pedicure
  50. Get a haircut together
  51. Do homework together
  52. Tell each other grandparent stories
  53. Tell funny childhood stories
  54. Create a super hero costume and take pictures of each other
  55. Talk about your first love
  56. Volunteer for a community project
  57. Practice counting money and making change
  58. Get an ice cream cone together
  59. Invite your Little to job shadow you
  60. Introduce your Little to someone doing the work they fantasize about
  61. Go swimming at the local pool
  62. Show your Litttle how to make simple sewing repairs
  63. Learn how to polish shoes together
  64. Create a resume together
  65. Fill out job applications together
  66. Tour a collage campus and learn how to enroll
  67. Fill out financial aid applications
  68. Fill out collage applications
  69. Talk about having a personal budget and how to make it work
  70. Figure out how to program and electronic device
  71. Go to a book signing or author reading
  72. Learn how to take care of pets
  73. Learn a hobby together
  74. Learn and practice bike repair
  75. Write thank you notes for birthday or Christmas presents