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After 8 years as a match together, Damari and Mark have become great friends. They have fun together, no matter what they’re doing. Damari knows he can be himself around Mark and share things openly without being judged. He feels like Mark is the best Big Brother he could have ever asked for.

They enjoy playing tennis and golf, as well as enjoying the splendor of music, food and cooking together. Damari appreciates the way they have bonded over their beliefs. Even though they don’t have the exact same beliefs, they find common ground and share their opinions respectfully.

Damari shared that his Big Brother “is one of the best men he has ever met.” Mark has taught Damari how to filter trusted resources (i.e. about politics, media, etc.), and to focus on the facts when things get overwhelming for him. Mark often speaks to how respectful, introspective, mature, responsible, and thoughtful Damari has become.

Damari and Mark are grateful for their relationship and see it continuing beyond their time in the BBBS program.

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