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Parents/guardians have entrusted their child to you. They remain the leaders in their family and we respect and honor that. The parent’s/guardian’s support is critical to the success of the match.

It may take a while to establish your role with the parent/guardian. Listed below are some ways you can work with the parent/guardian.

  • Make sure they are aware of activity plans, and ask if the activity is okay. Do not rely on the Little to tell the parent/guardian about plans.

  • Communicate with them before and after an activity. Describe what you plan to do and what you’ve done together.

  • Let them know about any changes in plans.

  • Respect the privacy and confidentiality of your Little’s family with those outside of BBBS ECW.

  • Maintain a primary relationship with your Little and do not become overly involved with the rest of his/her family.

Talk to your Match Support Specialist about any concerns you have regarding your Little’s family or your Little’s well-being. Supportive Parents/Guardians:

  • Return phone calls and stay in regular contact with you.

  • Work with you to find the best times for outings to occur and make sure that their child is prepared: proper clothing, ready on time, limited spending money if needed.

  • Do not use you as a form of punishment. It is important that your Little knows that you will be in their life even if they have not been meeting their parents’/guardians’ expectations.

  • Never ask that siblings or friends be included your outings.

  • Do not expect you to purchase anything for their child.

  • Do not discuss your Little with you when he/she is present. Building a partnership with your Little’s parent/guardian takes time.

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