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We realize these past few months have been challenging to say the least. We also understand that the transition to virtual school that occurred in March caused a lot of stress and confusion. BBBS would like to do more to help our families prepare for 2020/2021 school year and hopefully make the transition back to school as positive as possible!

BBBS is offering assistance through the end of 2020 with the following school related costs:

  • Back to School Haircuts

  • School Shoes

  • Before and After School Child Care Fees

  • Drivers Education Fees *ongoing through 2021

  • College Application Fees *ongoing through 2021

To ensure that we can provide for as many families as possible, please understand that you can only receive assistance in each of the categories once during this 2020 calendar year. Once you have registered for assistance, a member of the BBBS Program Team will be reaching out to you to complete the next step of the application process. Please provide 2-3 weeks for your assistance request to be processed.

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