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While looking for a way to give back to the community she lived in Alyssa discovered Big Brothers Big Sisters and one-to-one mentoring. After signing up to be a Big, Alyssa was matched with Jazmin. After being matched a few months in our community-based program, Jazmin enrolled into the Big Brothers Big Sisters Mentor2.0. program at her high school. Jazmin enjoyed spending time with her Big Sister so much that she asked Alyssa if she’d join this program as her mentor too. Of course, Alyssa happily agreed!

Through COVID-19 Alyssa and Jazmin communicated virtually through the Mentor2.0. platform. Almost a year later they were finally able to meet in person at one of the program events, which is when Jazmin really began to open up. Since then, Alyssa and Jazmin have attended every monthly event together and messaged each other daily. Alyssa has watched Jazmin’s confidence grow over the past several months, Jazmin even started to make new friends in her grade. With Alyssa’s help, Jazmin also has begun making a list of all the colleges she’s interested in attending and what the steps are to apply. Alyssa has been an amazing support system and overall great mentor to Jazmin, and because of Alyssa’s support and guidance Jazmin feels she’ll be able to succeed in her goal of becoming a veterinarian.

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